Conch, Rum, and Dog Sauce: Eating Martinique

Crabes farcis - Martinique
When I visited Martinique last year to absorb the mazurkas and biguines of their musical traditions, I also ended up discovering the island’s enchanting culinary melodies. While serving up boudin créole, curry terrine, and marinated chicken with sauce chien (dog sauce), the Martinicans have made conch wear many gastronomic hats.

You can read about the above dishes and more in my piece “Edible Culture: Ten Creole Specialties to Try in Martinique,” just published by Transitions Abroad. Pour yourself a glass of rhum agricole and click on through to the piece.

Don’t forget: when you encounter an ouassou, don’t forget to suck the head.


About OmnivorousTraveler

Darrin DuFord is a travel writer, mapgazer, and jungle rodent connoisseur. His writing has won numerous awards and has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, BBC Travel, Gastronomica, Roads & Kingdoms, Narratively, and Perceptive Travel, among other publications. He is the author of Breakfast for Alligators: Quests, Showdowns and Revelations in the Americas (released in July 2016) and Is There a Hole in the Boat? Tales of Travel in Panama without a Car, silver medalist in the 2007 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards.
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