Now Serving: Breakfast for Alligators


It was over nine years in the making. Today, Breakfast for Alligators: Quests, Showdowns, and Revelations in the Americas has been released!

A sharp-shooting SWAT team, a Venezuelan producer of alcoholic love potions, and an audacious subway rat are among the cast of characters I encounter in this collection of stories from around the Western Hemisphere. Along the way, I expose the health benefits of eating wild-caught jungle rodents and mud turtles. I reveal a lesson in aging, courtesy of the street art of Valparaiso, Chile. I share the pleasures of traveling at the speed of the shoe.

“DuFord has created a series of magical and often humorous travel stories in which no local foods, material realities, or local rituals are off-limits. Breakfast for Alligators is a joy to read.”
  Gregory Hubbs, editor of Transitions Abroad

“Intrepid and chronically curious, Darrin DuFord charges into the more obscure corners of Latin America and brings back revealing, sometimes bizarre details. Warning: may inspire impulse plane-ticket purchases.
  Zora O’Neill, author of All Strangers Are Kin: Adventures in Arabic and the Arab World

“Darrin DuFord’s latest magnum opus vividly takes us from the steamy New Orleans suburbs to the jungles of Guyana to the coffee-covered hills of Nicaragua and beyond. This is more than breakfast: it’s a readable, enjoyable feast, best consumed any time of day or night.”
  David Farley, author of An Irreverent Curiosity

“DuFord captures the best of travel writing—by turn informative and entertaining, often hilarious, sometimes moving… He takes us on one wild ride after another.”
  Tony Perrottet, author of Napoleon’s Privates: 2,500 Years of History Unzipped

Several of the pieces have won medals in the Solas Awards and the NATJA awards. Most of the pieces have never been published and make their world debut today.

Breakfast for Alligators is available in paperback and as an e-book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. If your local bookstore does not have it in stock, they can order it for you using the book’s ISBN number: 978-0692664438.

You may also order a signed copy via a Paypal button my website here.


About OmnivorousTraveler

Darrin DuFord is a travel writer, mapgazer, and jungle rodent connoisseur. His writing has won numerous awards and has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, BBC Travel, Gastronomica, Roads & Kingdoms, Narratively, and Perceptive Travel, among other publications. He is the author of Breakfast for Alligators: Quests, Showdowns and Revelations in the Americas (released in July 2016) and Is There a Hole in the Boat? Tales of Travel in Panama without a Car, silver medalist in the 2007 Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards.
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