Here is a sampling of my work:

No Roots? No LP? No problem for Alice Merton
Global Comment

HalfNoise’s Flowerss is hypnotic, quixotic, and crisp
Global Comment

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s New Album Gets Accidentally Political
Cultured Vultures

Genre, Gender, and Class Tumble in Jack White’s Sonic Blender
Global Comment

The Concrete Corpses of Cyprus
Perceptive Travel

Learning To Befriend Winter In Quebec
The Expeditioner

Crossing the Mole Barrier in Oaxaca
Perceptive Travel

The Chiguire and the Wingman: What to Drink While Eating the World’s Largest Rodent
Roads & Kingdoms

A Chef in Cartagena Has Elevated Rodent to Fine Dining
Vice Munchies

This Colombian Street Snack Is a Meal You Have to Excavate
Vice Munchies

New Orleans and Its Food Museums: a Foodie Pilgrimage
San Diego Reader

What the Walls Taught Me
The Smart Set

Speaking in Hats
Compass Cultura

Edible Culture: Ten Creole Specialties to Try in Martinique
Transitions Abroad

Off the Deep End in Captain Karl’s Homemade Submarine

Playing the Right Chord in the Rupununi

Touching the money fur in Prince Edward Island
San Diego Reader

Following the Grooves in Martinique
Perceptive Travel

Man vs. Fish
Roads & Kingdoms

On the Game Trail in Croatia’s Kvarner Region
Travel World

Love, Death, and Protein in Panama
On a Junket

Istria’s Edible Empires

The Death of the Red Devils
Transitions Abroad

Slurping Locally: Enjoying Croatia’s Oysters and Estuaries

Leaping into Croatia’s Frog Leg Tradition
BBC Travel

The Power of a Stare
The Smart Set

A Message for the Cabbage Head Man
Bronze Medal Winner, 2014 Solas Awards

Dark Meat, Bright City: Feasting on Seal in Montreal
Perceptive Travel

The First Astrotourists of Panama
Perceptive Travel

The Street Artists’ Revival of San Felipe, Panama City

Journey by Bottle: Uncovering the Allure of Guyanese Cassareep

Trading Peaches for Mangoes: Comfort Food at Cheesecake Plus in Santiago
The Panama News

Searching for the Golden Fleece in Guyana
The San Francisco Chronicle

Eat Them Before They Melt: A Chocolate Store Offers Tropical-influenced Bonbons in Panama City
The Panama News

Roast a Goat, Support a Farm
Matador Life

Sick Street Art of Montevideo
Matador Nights

I Was a Thai Travel Trinket
USA Today / Perceptive Travel

Four Delectable Rodents and the Wines that Go with Them
Matador Nights

A Dialog of Echoes in Uruguay
Perceptive Travel

A Taste of Cambodia’s Resourceful Cuisine

A Morning of Chef Cuquita’s Creations
The Panama News

How to Eat Fried Tarantulas in Cambodia
World Hum

Showdown at the West Esplanade Canal
Perceptive Travel

Subdued by Street Vendors
Perceptive Travel

Barbecue-Flavored Mealworms: Reviewed


Beyond a Shadow of a Snout: A Saturday in Otavalo, Ecuador

The Peanut Fiends of Guayaquil
Perceptive Travel

The Comb of Rebellion
Travelers’ Tales Editor’s Choice

Coup in a Cup: a Tale of Venezuelan Tipple
Perceptive Travel

Chowhounding Peru: from Anticuchos to Zaino


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