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Astoria Eats: Roast Suckling Pig at El Boqueron

I’ve noticed that young children aren’t usually grossed out by the sight of a whole roast animal on the plate. On the contrary, it seems to become an object of curiosity for kids as they poke and prod it. But … Continue reading

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Waiter, There’s a Monster on my Plate

Okay, I lied. There are four monsters on my plate. Such a thing happens when you order the grilled langostinos at Psari Restaurant in Astoria. Grilled in the Greek style—with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt—these critters were so oafishly … Continue reading

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Astoria Eats: The Chilean Hot Dog

The spread of American fast food into other countries provides a troubling sight for travelers. Of all things American, why import the mass-produced, the lab-concocted, and the portion controlled? Occasionally, however, something surprisingly beneficial rises from the shapeless muck of … Continue reading

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Astoria Eats: Feijoada Completa

What’s even better than watching the Brazilians here in Astoria dress up in green and yellow on the days of Brazil’s World Cup games? Feijoada completa. This tag-team of a meal consists of a stew of black beans, on-the-bone pork, … Continue reading

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