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A Double Helping of Capybara

My quest for uncovering enjoyable choices of free-range, antibiotic-free meat has often led me to species that remain rare or unheard of in the realm of industrial farming. While I’ve roamed deep into the world of edible rodents–from guinea pigs … Continue reading

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Patacon con todo: it’s the meal you excavate.

The current street food trend in the States is a double-edged sword. The hipster trucks tend to raise the average price of street food, but at the same time, the mind-spinning variety of cuisines and creations offered by new trucks … Continue reading

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Little Kisses from a Black Colombian Woman

I’m always intrigued by how racial taboos materialize and dematerialize over geography and time. But I’m still not sure what to make of a tin box containing Besitos de Negra Colombiana—Little Kisses from a Black Colombian Woman—a confectionary item boldly … Continue reading

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