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The Artichoke: It’s Earth’s Own Game Show

For me, the artichoke used to be an abstract horticultural object—a bodiless head, existing in its own peculiar realm detached from other vegetables, part pine cone, part tropical flower, part grade-B sci-fi prop. Then I found one poking up in … Continue reading

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Intangible and Cultural: a Find from my Old Stomping Grounds

Over three decades ago, my search for Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian groceries in southwestern Connecticut would usually start and end in the yard-wide “Ethnic foods” shelf at Stop & Shop, where one could find little more than oversalted La … Continue reading

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Garlic, the Celebrity

The Northeast, with its abundance of garden pests and inconvenient frosts, is not kind to many crops. But garlic plants seem to love these conditions. Here, they can be planted in the ground in the fall, where they relish the … Continue reading

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Finding Blueneck Barbecue in Seymour, Connecticut

Barbecue in the Northeast?  The thought brings on feelings that bounce between optimism and frustration.  We northerners end up rating our barbecue joints on a handicapped scale, and we might say things like “That restaurant is good for New York … Continue reading

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Oxford, Connecticut’s Own Brewery

A brewery in Oxford, Connecticut, my old stomping grounds? Started by a military veteran? Now that’s two reasons to talk about Cavalry Brewery’s offerings. Unless you live in the rural peacefulness of Oxford, Connecticut, or live nearby, you probably haven’t … Continue reading

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