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Conch, Rum, and Dog Sauce: Eating Martinique

When I visited Martinique last year to absorb the mazurkas and biguines of their musical traditions, I also ended up discovering the island’s enchanting culinary melodies. While serving up boudin créole, curry terrine, and marinated chicken with sauce chien (dog … Continue reading

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Mazurkas and Biguines: A Musical Journey through Martinique

A man began hunting for LP records in Martinique. What happened next will shock you! Just kidding. There’s nothing shocking about it. Unless the thought of feeling the rumble of live drums up close scares you. “Following the Grooves in … Continue reading

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Martinique’s Street Art

Amid the conch and octopus crepes, the traffic circles, the drum machine-driven zouk songs trickling from passing cars, and the public pay toilets shaped like chic time machines, I found that the island of Martinique displays some of its more … Continue reading

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