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Intangible and Cultural: a Find from my Old Stomping Grounds

Over three decades ago, my search for Chinese, Japanese, or other Asian groceries in southwestern Connecticut would usually start and end in the yard-wide “Ethnic foods” shelf at Stop & Shop, where one could find little more than oversalted La … Continue reading

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Travel Writing Olympics?

My appetite for Croatian frogs’ legs has led to more than just a satisfied culinary curiosity. While Winter Olympic athletes are currently jockeying for medals in such sports as bobsledding and freestyle skiing, I scored a bronze medal in the … Continue reading

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Squeezed, Boiled, and Peppered: The Story of Guyanese Cassareep

My Gastronomica debut! My piece on cassareep, a versatile Guyanese flavoring sauce that is not well known outside of Guyana, appears in the winter 2012 issue on page 27. The piece takes you to a sparsely populated Makushi village in … Continue reading

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T-shirt Travel

A while back, I wrote about how you can travel vicariously through foreign coins that turn up accidentally in your pocket change. Living in Queens, I enjoy great odds of receiving a Croatian kuna, Irish punt, or a Bermudan nickel. … Continue reading

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