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Love, Death, and Protein in Panama

Perhaps I am a little too passionate about ceviche. In 2012, I traveled to Panama for a closer look at the artisanal procurement of corvina, a fish popular throughout the country. I ended up meeting with a chilly two-step, a … Continue reading

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When Street Food Becomes Park Food in Houston

Food trucks tend to thrive almost exclusively in urban areas with ample foot traffic, a fact that has been true since before food trucks became trendy. But in Houston, a city built around the isolation of the automobile and the … Continue reading

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From Indoor Campfires to Snow-bound Syrup: Wintertime Dining in Quebec City

My wife and I have tradition we follow each time we visit Quebec City: a picnic on the old city wall. Rillettes, a baguette of bread so fresh it is still steaming, onion confit, local chevre cheese, maybe some smoked … Continue reading

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Travel Writing Olympics?

My appetite for Croatian frogs’ legs has led to more than just a satisfied culinary curiosity. While Winter Olympic athletes are currently jockeying for medals in such sports as bobsledding and freestyle skiing, I scored a bronze medal in the … Continue reading

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Finding Flavor in Garden Grove’s Car Country

When I first saw the numbingly repetitive suburban sprawl of Garden Grove, California, I asked myself, “Yeah, but where exactly am I?” I thought that the place could be Houston. Or Orlando. Or anywhere else in America where the city … Continue reading

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