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Ithaca: a Cultural Smoothie, with Hardcore/Reggae/Jazz Protein Booster

Ithaca packs a curious amount of diversity and street life for a city of just 30,000 people. There is something in the alchemy of the young student populations of Cornell University and Ithaca College, the nearby fertile farms (many of … Continue reading

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Alien-Brain Pork and Spam Nuts: Eating Local in Honolulu

Maracuya, maracuja, parchita: they are all local words for passionfruit that I have encountered in my travels—in Panama, Brazil, and Venezuela respectively. In a recent visit to Honolulu, I learned to refer to passionfruit by its Hawaiian name: lilikoi. I … Continue reading

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Grazing the Smorgasburg

New York’s street food scene is growing new stalls and trucks overnight. And at a place like the Smorgasburg, I wish I had four stomachs. But that didn’t stop me from grazing. The creators of Brooklyn Flea have spun off … Continue reading

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Killer Snails, Creepy Lemons, and Pupusas I Won’t Share

As a frequent visitor to New York City’s farmers’ markets, I was curious to check out what was available at markets on the West Coast. Last Sunday, I wandered around the Hollywood farmers’ market on Ivar and Selma Avenues, where … Continue reading

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Locavoring in Quebec City: as Easy as Meat Pie

Considering its short growing season, the Quebec City area bursts with local edibles. Over the weekend, my wife and I visited several Quebec City grocery stores that carry everything from locally made tourtieres (meat pies) to ground-cherry jelly to smoked … Continue reading

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