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Two Flippers in Every Pot

Poutine, smoked salmon, tourtieres (seasoned meat pies), and ice wine are some of the more well-known gastronomic specialties of Quebec. Yet way under the radar swims one of the province’s more obscure but historically important offerings: seal. Who would have … Continue reading

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Garlic, the Celebrity

The Northeast, with its abundance of garden pests and inconvenient frosts, is not kind to many crops. But garlic plants seem to love these conditions. Here, they can be planted in the ground in the fall, where they relish the … Continue reading

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Roast a Goat, Support a Farm

Has goat meat gone urban chic? In my latest piece at Matador, Roast a Goat, Support a Farm, I discuss how the subjects of an experimental goat husbandry project in Vermont ended up on a spit in a Brooklyn, New … Continue reading

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Waiter, There’s a Monster on my Plate

Okay, I lied. There are four monsters on my plate. Such a thing happens when you order the grilled langostinos at Psari Restaurant in Astoria. Grilled in the Greek style—with olive oil, lemon juice, and salt—these critters were so oafishly … Continue reading

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Grazing the Smorgasburg

New York’s street food scene is growing new stalls and trucks overnight. And at a place like the Smorgasburg, I wish I had four stomachs. But that didn’t stop me from grazing. The creators of Brooklyn Flea have spun off … Continue reading

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