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The Latest Flavor of Globalization: Gummy Teeth

In this era of widespread food science, gift giving can be tricky. What do you give the processed food addict who has everything? I came across a thoughtful idea at my local 99-cent store: Haribo Gummy Teeth. Right away, I … Continue reading

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Astoria Eats: The Chilean Hot Dog

The spread of American fast food into other countries provides a troubling sight for travelers. Of all things American, why import the mass-produced, the lab-concocted, and the portion controlled? Occasionally, however, something surprisingly beneficial rises from the shapeless muck of … Continue reading

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Cheap Thrills and Space Robots

The local 99 cent store is a fine place to study the accelerated pace of globalization. Consider the following items for sale: That’s right, smart shoppers: a Mini Ballinc Set. Simulating the Ture Styles and Making Carefully! No, no, whatever … Continue reading

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Visiting Pasadena without Licking Telephone Poles

Last week, in the middle of Old Town Pasadena’s swirling of food and foot traffic, I stumbled on the city’s newest source of gastronomy: Rocket Fizz, a store selling locally made soda from around the country and the world. Newest, … Continue reading

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