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Drunk on Apostrophes

Wrappers within wrappers, pudgy cartoon characters, English letters used as hip decorations—I’m talking about what someone invariably encounters while walking down the bright aisles of a Japanese grocery store, even if such a store is located here in the States. … Continue reading

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Today’s Engrish (make that Flengrish): Couque D’asses

To a Japanese processed food company, what is more exotic than English lettering for their packaging? One company, Sanritsu, one-upped the industry by mixing French and English together.  Flench and Engrish.  Flengrish.  But there are dangers of utilizing Flengrish.  That’s … Continue reading

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The (Accidental) Sponge Cake Philosopher

For an American cook, navigating an Asian grocery store presents challenges and rewards beyond the sights and smells. I’m talking about Engrish. I’ve bought and eaten my share of burdog instead of burdock root, and plenty of marshmallow cookies whose … Continue reading

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