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Garlic, the Celebrity

The Northeast, with its abundance of garden pests and inconvenient frosts, is not kind to many crops. But garlic plants seem to love these conditions. Here, they can be planted in the ground in the fall, where they relish the … Continue reading

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Alien-Brain Pork and Spam Nuts: Eating Local in Honolulu

Maracuya, maracuja, parchita: they are all local words for passionfruit that I have encountered in my travels—in Panama, Brazil, and Venezuela respectively. In a recent visit to Honolulu, I learned to refer to passionfruit by its Hawaiian name: lilikoi. I … Continue reading

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On Canning and Time Travel

Living in a place with seasons does not have to limit your summertime fruit and vegetable haul. If you’re a canner, that is. I recently returned from Quebec, where the hearty Quebecois make the most of their growing season by … Continue reading

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Locavoring in Quebec City: as Easy as Meat Pie

Considering its short growing season, the Quebec City area bursts with local edibles. Over the weekend, my wife and I visited several Quebec City grocery stores that carry everything from locally made tourtieres (meat pies) to ground-cherry jelly to smoked … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Tomato Pervert

Let’s call it agricultural déjà vu. Last March, I was navigating a crowded outdoor market in Montevideo, Uruguay when I began asking myself the same question that had occurred to me in the cafes of France and Italy, and in … Continue reading

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